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Project Status Update


Please visit the restaurants and businesses.  Your support is important to the vitality of our Downtown Palo Alto community.  Thank you.

Holiday Season Construction Schedule Update:

The majority of work (underground pipe replacement/ADA ramp upgrade) on the 200-500 blocks of University Avenue (between Webster and Emerson) is completed. No construction work is scheduled between November 17, 2018 and January 1, 2019 on streets within the University Avenue parking assessment district. However, Ranger Pipelines will continue to replace gas pipes outside of the parking assessment district (such as Kipling Street between Hawthorne and Lytton and Forest Avenue between Cowper and Webster) until December 14, 2018. Beginning January 2, 2019, construction will resume on the 100 block of University Avenue and on other streets in the Downtown Area. The remaining work in 2019 includes underground pipe replacement/ADA ramp upgrade on the 100 block of University Avenue, traffic signal upgrade on the 100-500 blocks of University Avenue, and gas pipe replacement on other streets. The construction work in the downtown area is expected to continue through March 2019. Please note that this construction schedule is subject to change due to unforeseeable field conditions such as unexpected circumstances, inclement weather, etc.

On streets that are ‘Closed to Through Traffic‘, vehicles can enter the blocks to access private driveways, as well as private and public parking garages/lots/stalls. Palo Alto Municipal Code prohibits riding or operating a bicycle upon any sidewalk in a business district. ‘Tow Away – No Parking’ signs will be posted as needed, 72 hours in advance, on adjacent streets near the construction zone.

Current and Upcoming Construction on University Avenue:

No work on University Avenue until Jan 2, 2019.

Current and Upcoming Construction on Other Streets:

The subject blocks or intersections will be closed to vehicular and bicycle through-traffic during construction hours. Pedestrian access to sidewalks, vehicular access to local residential and business driveways, and access to public and private parking garages/lots will be maintained. ‘Tow Away – No Parking’ signs will be posted 72 hours in advance within the construction zone.

Gas Main Tie-in and Service Transfer – Kipling Street between Hawthorne Ave and Lytton Ave: Ranger Pipelines, Inc. completed the gas pipe replacement on Kipling St between Hawthorne Ave and Lytton Ave.  CPA Utilities Operations will perform gas main tie-in work during the week of 12/2 at the intersections to energize the newly-installed pipes.  The City crew will also coordinate with the property occupants along the blocks to transfer the gas services to the new pipes. Construction hours: 8am – 6pm

Gas Pipe Replacement – Forest Avenue between Cowper Street and Webster Street: Ranger Pipelines, Inc. will begin construction during the week of 12/2 along Forest Ave from Cowper St to Webster St to replace gas pipes and is expected to last until 12/12. Construction hours: 8am – 6pm


Heads Up!

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Completed Construction:

Note: The pipeline installation has been completed on the following blocks: however, streets may still be closed intermittently for pavement restoration work.

Bryant St between Lytton Ave and Forest Ave

Cowper St between Hamilton Ave and Forest Ave

Emerson St between Everett Ave and Lytton Ave

Everett Ave between Alma St and Bryant St

Everett Ave between Fulton Ave and Palo Alto Ave

Forest Ave between Alma St and Ramona St

Hamilton Ave between Cowper St and Waverley St

Hawthorne Ave between Alma St and Bryant St

Hawthorne Ave between Ramona St and Middlefield Rd

High St between Hawthorne Ave and Everett Ave

High St between Lytton Ave and University Ave

High St between University Ave and Hamilton Ave

Homer Ave between High St and Emerson St

Kipling Ave between Hawthorne Ave and Lytton Ave

Lytton Ave between Webster St and Cowper St

Ramona St between Everett Ave and Lytton Ave

Tasso St between Lytton Ave and University Ave

University Ave between Bryant St and Ramona St

University Ave between Cowper St and Waverley St

University Ave between Ramona St and Emerson St

University Ave between Waverley St and Bryant St

University Ave between Webster St and Cowper St

Webster St between Everett Ave and Lytton Ave

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City Council Meeting on January 22, 2018

City Council met on January 22, 2018, and approved a Construction Contract with Ranger Pipelines, Incorporated.

The Construction Contract will include pipe replacements, pedestrian safety improvements, and installation of parking way-finding signage. The timing of this construction project is primarily driven by the need to replace aging gas and water utility infrastructure. The City is synchronizing this work with other transportation-related projects to minimize future disruptions to the downtown area. These improvements will provide critical, preventative upgrades to core infrastructure in the downtown area while delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective services to the community.

New gas and water pipes will be installed within a joint, open-excavated trench along University Avenue between Alma Street and Waverley Street. Fiber optic conduit will also be installed within the joint trench to increase its availability for future use. Gas distribution pipelines will be installed along other streets within the Downtown North, University Park, Leland Manor, Charleston Meadows, and Greater Miranda neighborhoods.

The City is upgrading traffic signals, curb ramps, and widening sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety. The traffic signal upgrades will include the replacement of broken or blocked underground conduit systems, and installation of new traffic signal and, safety and accessibility enhancements. These improvements will occur along University Avenue between Alma Street and Waverley Street.

Parking way-finding signage will be installed to improve parking visibility in Downtown Palo Alto. Several of the signs will allow future real-time parking availability displays. The signage will be installed throughout the Downtown District.

Construction of the project is anticipated to begin in March or April 2018.

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